About us

BONBON SHOES is a designer shoe boutique in Riga and an e-shop at bonbonshoes.eu

We were founded in 2008. Since then, BONBON SHOES has taken on several forms in different locations in Riga – from a boudoir in Riga’s Art Nouveau district to our current home, a shoe boutique in the heart of Riga in Bibliotēkas nams (Library House). One thing that has remained unchanged throughout the years is our undying love for high-quality footwear.

How did it all begin?

We were in the right place at the right time. In 2007, entrepreneur Jana Lindberga, architect Mareks Birznieks, and a graphic designer and brand creator Everita Upeniece joined forces, and the unique concept boutique Madam Bonbon was born. A couple years later, this was followed by the birth of Madam Bonbon’s younger sister, Miss Bonbon. In 2018, Jana joined both boutiques into one – the bigger and better BONBON SHOES we now know was born.

The footwear and bags offered by BONBON SHOES guarantee original style and are proof of good taste. We carefully select all of our collections. They are created by the most skilled and outstanding European shoe and accessory designers, ensuring the highest quality and comfort, and – most importantly – they meet the latest world fashion trends.


We do our best to find the very special, very unique characteristics of our customers. We create opportunities for them to dare.

We truly love what we do. A few things we share in common with our customers are a love for everything beautiful, the joy of creation, and, of course, a passion for shoes.

We give our clients personal attention and time. To us, listening, remembering, and keeping promises is a matter of pride.